For Sale Items

Very finest French charger, Circa 1850-1860, 30" diameter.

Close up of  French charger.

An exceptional Bone Napoleonic French Prisoner of War Games Compendium. Complete, all original with original foils and paper liners. Available for sale. Contact me by email for more information.

Closeup of  War Games Compendium.

Close up of War Games Compendium.

Another view of the War Games Compendium.

Late 19th century Boxwood and ivory German or Austrian carving. Sold

A knight from a complete mint Chinese  ivory chess set. With 1952 import papers. Legal to transfer. Set is extremely detailed and dates to about 1850. Contact me by email for more information.

Ivory revolver grip blanks. Available to Florida residents only.

Pools stick parts available for Florida residents.