Ivory Parts

April 2017 UPDATE


I have begun to make ivory parts for bonafide Florida residents. This will include blanks and parts for cue stick makers, knife makers and gun grip makers.  All items will be cut oversize and clear coated. All items will be made from documented pre-1990 African elephant ivory. It is legal for me to sell these items to Florida residents. I have a substantial supply of seasoned ivory that is available. I have some Pre-1990 legal elephant tusks available for Florida residents. I will have the best prices on the ferrules, joints and butts for cue stick makers and blanks for knife and gun grip makers, and  have a small amount of scrap available to crafts persons. Please contact me by e mail for more information.

No ivory can be sold to persons who are not a legal resident of Florida. We will strictly adhere to the requirements of the Federal  regulations allowing these sales to Florida residents.  A visit to Florida by an out of State resident does not constitute residency.  Selling to a Florida resident and then  that person sending the items out of State is called a “straw man sale” and is illegal.